Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Xcity membership : continued


Dear Member,

Thank you for using X CITY Website membership service.

We found out your membership ID/Pass is using multiple locations from the all over the world.

Therefore we are required to change your Account ID/Pass for stopping to access our site other than you. Please use your new account for accessing all the Members Only features, programs, and special events here at X CITY Website.

Account ID: 1Viscount1

Password: uwr27J

Please note: your ID/Pass is your eyes only. DO NOT GIVE OR SHARE ID/Pass to other person. We keep track our access status and we will find out multiple access.

If we face a similar situation in the near future again, we need to take action to delete your subsection immediately, and you will be no longer permitted to register again with X CITY Website membership.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Most sincerely yours,

English Support Team

lol. You have like a week to exploit that. Dont waste your time :)

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77775 said...

thanks man