Friday, 20 April 2007

World's First Sex Theme Park

Before I talk about that topic, I think our blog is a bit empty without something to read on, how is it called a blog if it consists of links only? I spoke to a friend, and he says, I really should write on articles, at least about adult news :) yea, I’ll try to do that. Tell me if you like my very first article.

When i browse through the internet, I found a very interesting topic. European are getting crazier each day!! They say Aussies are nuts, but Aussies haven’t opened a SEX THEME PARK!! Oh c’mon, sex theme park!!

The park name is Amora, located in 13 Coventry Street, London W1D 7DH. They go with the tag "The Capital's Sexiest Attraction". They promise you to have a fun, sexy, sensual and inspiring experience in there. Well, they do have some, I’d say, exotic entertainment. One is Spankometer, you can use some bat to spank a statue to see if you hit the right point. See the image below, there’s a red panel just beside the statue to show you how good you are at spanking. You can try out another sexy stuff, last only for 12 weeks, it is the The world premiere of the ‘Amorgasm’ experience. They will take you to a journey where you could discover the state of body and mind just before, during, and after orgasm. That will be so nice to see. They also have seven themed zones to take you on an interactive journey through every stage of a relationship from; attraction love and desire, flirting and dating, erogenous zones and physiology, sexuality and positions, orgasm, fantasy and fetish, and wellbeing.

Yea, that’s pretty much about it. I haven’t got the date of the park’s grand opening yet, but Lastminute website is selling the tickets discounted from 21 April to 30 June, so I think the opening should be around July. You can read an article an article about it in The Sun website. For more information, visit their official website.

Now, see ya guys! I’m goin to LONDON!!!


crayon said...

Wow Vic, that is a great place to begin a jurney to became a grow up person. anyway I wish i can go there. Thanks Vic for the Info Cheers

Bebek said...

What The hell is this???????