Saturday, 21 April 2007

JAV For Female Audience

This thing is totally new to me, and to most of us, i suppose. Almost everyday we watch AV, and 99% of them put the beautiful and slender actresses on the product cover. How many straight - not gay- adult video you seen that has the male actor on the cover?

Actually, i've seen one, just one, and the only one, and we probably will never see such thing again, so you people better take a look at this one. This actor Minami Yoshiya is one of the biggest sex symbol in Japan. He has made over 1500 AV. No wonder he is put on the cover. But still, are the girls going to buy this product just because it has a handsome model on the cover? It is still porn! And 90% of the girls don't even watch porn. I wonder if we have blog reader from Japan who can tell us if the girls in there actually look for JAV.

I run over this news while browsing the scanlover forum(you might have to register to view tho). All credit goes to ryuuga for finding out this product. Try to take a look at the product description, its in jap, but you can try to translate it using babelfish. To tell you the truth, i dont understand a bit about the product. The translation is just horrible. But still, what can u expect from a automated translation machine. If any of you could translate the text, it will be very appreciated :p

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