Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Blog changes as now

Today, i made couple of changes to the blog, in case you haven't notice, i'll let you know.

  1. Added new ads bar on the lowest part of the blog, just below the Tribal wars banner, it is not intrusive, yet easily accessible.
  2. Another ads on the sidebar, which i think also not that intrusive since it is below the shout box and label cloud. Also added some more add in post footer, starting from this post.
  3. Changed the stat counter so you can view the blog's visitor stats if you want.
  4. Added 2 Affiliates link, AV Movies and JAVDownloads. Thanks guys :)
  5. Completely revamped the Categories section, from the original blogger label list, to label cloud format. Now you can access them more easily. As you notice, it is sorted alphabetically, and the more post is under that tag, the bigger it gets.
  6. Properly tagged the Public and Bondage posts. Now you can access all bondage and public movies by clicking the label.
  7. Deleted "Censored" label. You can assume all movies that are not under "Uncensored" tag are censored, common sense.
I thinks thats all of the changes. Thank you for your supports all this time :)

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