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This website will never be updated again, because I've once again resurrected

Please visit that site for newer updates.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Moving to New Domain

For all my new blog visitors, i have moved to my own hosting server and taking the blog business more seriously. All content in this blog, you can find it on the new blog and much more. I did not delete this blog, because lots of new visitors coming from search engines still arrives on the old blog.

If you want to proceed to my new blog, please click on the banner below. banner.

See you at the new blog.

Cheers, Vics.

Moving Progress

The moving is in progress. I posted an Yua Aida movie there.
While setting things up, I will try to move my entire blog to the new hosting. i guess it will take some time (hundreds of pages. lol ) but yea, its for the safety :)

For first time user who is visiting this blog. Welcome! feel free to browse my archives here. As you can see from my previous posts that i'm moving my blog to a new hosting in Please go to that site for new contents that i will be posting soon.

Cheers mate!

PS: people whos on my affiliate list, please change my url on your site to my new address :) thanks a bunch.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

*new* Image Gallery beta-test

If you got spare time, try to help me beta-test the new image gallery. Just go to and register your new account. and try to post something.
if you encounter any problem, let me know.

cheers mate.

New Domain Transfer

I will be moving this blog to my own hosting server soon.

the name would be

right now i'm still setting it up. I think it will be couple of days before it is up. This blog will not be updated, but will still be used as archives. And there will be advertisements on the new blog as i need to cover up the hosting expenses(Please click on the ads when the time comes :p ) But i assure you, the quality and quantity of the content will improve. I will post again when it is actually up.

The main reason i move it up is because with free hosting like blogger, we don't have control over the domain. google could just deleted my blog and, whoops, gone!! nothing!! all the hard works, all the uploads, gone!! so trust me, this moving is for the goodness of all.

New Features i'm planning to add:

- Our Very own discussion forum
- A more comprehensive download F.A.Q page
- Image gallery where you can upload your pics, or even cute girls pics :)
- More features to come

and here is to spice things up, lol.

I wish i have toilet like that :p i took em from here

Cheers mate!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Browser Compatibility

For some reason, the spacing is absolute mess when viewed with internet explorer, but everything is alright if you use mozilla firefox.
i have no idea what caused this thing. But if you experiencing any sort of problem when viewing my blog, it is advised to use mozilla firefox. IE is good, but sorta problematic when handling XHTML and CSS. Dont ask me why, it just sucked.

Later, i will continue with yua. Dont worry, i still got plenty of video for you to watch.

You can get mozilla in here for free.

Best regards.

Yua Aida - Praudia

Yua Aida has one of those bubbling personalities like Sora Aoi, and when she gets over her inhibitions she's really fun to watch. I liked scenes 3 & 4 the most, but if you like Yua the whole movie is worth watching.

Yua will do anything to make a buck. In the first scene her boss convinces her to give him head, and he cums in her mouth.

As she's giving another guy a blowjob, a man in a suit interrupts and scares the guy off. He proceeds to have his way with Yua, first eating her pussy and having her return the favor. He then fucks her doggie, cowgirl, missionary, and ends it with a cumshot on her breast.

Nurse Yua gets a visit from her doctor! In a hotel room Doc gives her a quick physical, passionately kisses her feet, and have a nice fuck on the bed. He does missionary and other positions where he cradles her in his arms.

Now it's time for the guy scared off in scene 2 to get his fun. Yua wakes him up in the morning and happily lets him have his way. This is one of those fuck scenes where they have fun and laugh while they do it, which is a nice change for JAV. They passionately fuck missionary and cowgirl, and he ends it by cumming on her tit.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Not my Upload. All credit goes to the original Uploader

Yua Aida - Tell You

Sexy Yua Aida plays a teacher who will do just anything to please her students and colleagues in this well-shot movie. Every part of Yua's body seems to be able to kill off dicks in this movie. Her ample breasts are another part of her body that should be given serious attention as they bounce through the entire movie. In addition, her moans during sex will definitely rouse one up. Overall a very seductive movie, a must for all JAV lovers!

Highlights on the actions throughout the movie kick starts this well-shot movie. Camera then switches into a classroom, where Yua is lecturing her students. First few glances on Yua's nice panty under her skirt as the camera takes its shot from a few low angles.

Yua visits one of her student in his house, and starts to give him private tutorial. She eventually turns into seducing her student by rubbing her legs againts his hips, and revealing her cleavage to the student while giving tutorial. Her student doesn't dissappoint her kindness as he repays her by stimulating her gorgeous with a vibrator. He'll then continue to use his tongue and a dildo on Yua's pussy until she cums. Yua in return removes all her clothes and starts to feed her pussy towards her students mouth before stimulating his manhood in various ways. They'll then have greats sex in various fantastic postures before her student finally shoots on her shapely breasts.

Scene starts with Yua's class just ended, while five of her students approach her for additional tutorial. She first ordered them to sit in a row, while showing off her nice black undies to the five students by unzipping her clothes gradually. This definitely turns on all the students as all of them have their hands inside their brieves shortly. Yua then uses her hands to shake off the first two dicks, before using her breasts to unload the third. The last two dicks eventually explodes as well as Yua blows them off shortly after the first three dicks.

Yua deals with her colleagues in this awesome threesome scene inside a classroom. She'll first ask them to sit on their chair respectively, while rubbing their manhood with her legs. Her colleagues then takes their turn to fire her up as they tear off her panty hose and licks her pussy in turn. She'll then suck both cocks till they are fully erected for the final actions. Yua will first ride violently onto one of the dicks, before the guy takes the control to screw her hard until he cums on her mouth. The other guy soon fucks her from behind and finally unloads her cums on her mouth as well.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3

Not my Upload. All credit goes to the original Uploader

Yua Aida - Mine

In this movie, Yua Aida is more like a model. She wears lots of sexy and beatiful clothes for posting pictures. So you will really be able to see her great figure, cause almost for the starting ten mintues you will only see her posting like a model. But when the sex scene came, you definitely won't be disappointed. Cause the wild, sexy and horny sides of Yua will all be inside this movie... ...

Yua Aida and the guy just started to have some warm-up styles, the guy start kissing Yua breast and his hand on the pussy. After that the guy easily tear away Yua's net stocking and he start licking the pussy, which Yua finds it enjoying.

After a few Styles, this is the best style compare to the fews infront. You will be able to hear the loud bang sound when Yua is moving up and down, her breast are shaking up and down beatifully. The sound she gave, seems she is in pain but enjoying the pain......

Yua use her hand to massage the male actor dick. Feeling that is not enough, Yua uses her mouth which is cover with ice-cream and start licking and sucking for him. Yua looks enjoying sucking for male and she begins to suck deeper and faster and faster with that sucking dick sound.

Finally the male actor can't stand it anymore and shot his cum all over Yua face and some into her mouth.

Yua and this male actor really had a tough and fantastic sex. From the first style to this last style, you can hear loud banging sound and yua's sexy and horny sound. You will see how enjoying and horny she is with that small little bikini that cover only half of her breast. I think this is the best fuck scene you will see in this movie or maybe is the best scene in all Yua's movies.

Yua serving two guys at the same time, one is serve by her pussy and the other one is serve by her mouth. Yua is really quite a experience av actress. Cause not every av actress can serve two guys at the same time and the dick can still be in her mouth without slipping out for the whole process. A great test for her.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Not my Upload. All credit goes to the original Uploader

Yua Aida - Doctor

Yua is so smoking, but this isn't as good as some of her other videos mainly because her incredible body isn't on display during the scenes as much as it could be. Still, it's worth a look.

After a quick montage showing bits of the scenes to come, we see Yua enter a room in a doctor's outfit. There's a man in the room. She's soon out of the doctor's get-up and in sexy black lingerie. She straddles the man while he licks her downtown through her panties. After licking her breasts for a little, he then takes her panties off and heads back downtown. She returns the favor. This leads to doggystyle, reverse cowgirl and finally missionary sex. The man pulls out and shoots his load on her chest.

Next is a brief strip scene, although it doesn't go any further than past her bra and underwear.

The next scene is shot in first person pov of somoene playing with her tits for a few minutes. First she opens up her doctor's jacket, and soon after her bra is pushed to the side to show her breasts in all their glory.

The next scene features Yua bound to an examining table in her nurses outfit. A man fingers her through her panties, then holds a vibrator to her mouth. He then forces her to give him a bj and soon fucks her doggystyle. They then switch to reverse cowgirl and finally missionary. Her doctor's outfit stays on in this scene. He shoots off on her thigh. She then takes him in her mouth for a few seconds and the scene ends.

Next is a masturbation scene where Yua is aided by vibrating egg. This last about four minutes.

Next is another first person pov scene. This time it's a bj/hand-job combo in an elevator.

There's one last scene enters a hospital bed and strips down to her lingerie for a man. She slides her panties off and sits straddles his face. Her bra and panties stay on. They 69 for a little and then she rides him. After a couple minutes of this, she dismounts and straddles the man's face again, finishing him off with her hand as he licks her.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3

Not my Upload. All credit goes to the original Uploader