Sunday, 13 May 2007

Yua Aida - Doctor

Yua is so smoking, but this isn't as good as some of her other videos mainly because her incredible body isn't on display during the scenes as much as it could be. Still, it's worth a look.

After a quick montage showing bits of the scenes to come, we see Yua enter a room in a doctor's outfit. There's a man in the room. She's soon out of the doctor's get-up and in sexy black lingerie. She straddles the man while he licks her downtown through her panties. After licking her breasts for a little, he then takes her panties off and heads back downtown. She returns the favor. This leads to doggystyle, reverse cowgirl and finally missionary sex. The man pulls out and shoots his load on her chest.

Next is a brief strip scene, although it doesn't go any further than past her bra and underwear.

The next scene is shot in first person pov of somoene playing with her tits for a few minutes. First she opens up her doctor's jacket, and soon after her bra is pushed to the side to show her breasts in all their glory.

The next scene features Yua bound to an examining table in her nurses outfit. A man fingers her through her panties, then holds a vibrator to her mouth. He then forces her to give him a bj and soon fucks her doggystyle. They then switch to reverse cowgirl and finally missionary. Her doctor's outfit stays on in this scene. He shoots off on her thigh. She then takes him in her mouth for a few seconds and the scene ends.

Next is a masturbation scene where Yua is aided by vibrating egg. This last about four minutes.

Next is another first person pov scene. This time it's a bj/hand-job combo in an elevator.

There's one last scene enters a hospital bed and strips down to her lingerie for a man. She slides her panties off and sits straddles his face. Her bra and panties stay on. They 69 for a little and then she rides him. After a couple minutes of this, she dismounts and straddles the man's face again, finishing him off with her hand as he licks her.

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