Sunday, 13 May 2007

Yua Aida - Sweat

Yua is an outdoor type of person, and all her encounters invole some form of physical fitness, but her real excercise comes from fucking. I love her type, innocent and pretty but so quickly willing to spread her legs. Her fetching face and her delicious looking breasts is a joy to watch. The best scene is the second when she gives a header that I would die for.

The first scene is of Yua innocently riding her bike, and she does for a period too long for me, but finally she stops to take a drink under a tree. A man mysteriously appears out of nowhere and starts to kiss her. Yua seems a bit befuddled but does not protest. He easily exposes her ample breasts for she is only wearing a tight fitting bike jersy. After kissing her teats to his satisfaction, he pulls down her biking shorts to reveal a black thong, but not for long. Taking it off, he sucks her pussy. They change places and she sucks his cock. Forplay over, he fucks her from the rear as she bends over her bike. He ends this scene by fucking her from the front as she leans against a tree. Before he cums he whips off his condom, and shoots his load on her face. He disappears as mysteriously as he appears.

Yua is dancing. She falls and her partner leans over asking if she's OK. To make her better, he tries to kiss her. What a nice guy. She turns away once. After that she changes her mind and their tongues do the French thing. He fondles her body just for a while. He's more intent on getting a blow job. He takes out his erect cock and puts it in front of Yua's mouth. Such sophistication. Yua hesitates briefly, but complies with his wishes. She starts off slow, but really gets into it, even spitting on his cock twice to do a short hand job. By the way she's bobbing her head, it doesn't take long before he cums all over her face. She likes it, and licks it up.

Yua is swimming. She stops to lay down on a lounge. Her next beau appears, says one word and then proceeds to kiss her. The power of one word. He feels her up, pushes her bikini top up to reveal her wonderful breasts. Tweaks and kisses them. They go to the pool where he takes off her bikini bottom and attacks her pussy from the rear. She return the favor and gives him a blow job. His turn. He takes off her bikini bottom and fucks her from behind while she hangs on to the swimming pool ladder. The sounds of splashing water and moans fill the air. They leave the pool and he fucks her in various postions until he cums all over her face.

The last scene takes place in the gym. Yua is working out on an equipment that puts her in a postion with her legs spread wide. Enters two studs who approaches her and immediately starts to feel her up. In the process they expose her greatest asset, her beautiful breasts. They are so fine that I wonder if they're real. They stand her up. One works on her teats while the other on her pussy. She then works on them, giving one a blow job the other a hand job, then switchs. They're now ready and she is fucked by one and then the other on the different equipment. She moans a lot as one and then the other cums on her face.

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