Tuesday, 15 May 2007

New Domain Transfer

I will be moving this blog to my own hosting server soon.

the name would be http://VicsAV.com

right now i'm still setting it up. I think it will be couple of days before it is up. This blog will not be updated, but will still be used as archives. And there will be advertisements on the new blog as i need to cover up the hosting expenses(Please click on the ads when the time comes :p ) But i assure you, the quality and quantity of the content will improve. I will post again when it is actually up.

The main reason i move it up is because with free hosting like blogger, we don't have control over the domain. google could just deleted my blog and, whoops, gone!! nothing!! all the hard works, all the uploads, gone!! so trust me, this moving is for the goodness of all.

New Features i'm planning to add:

- Our Very own discussion forum
- A more comprehensive download F.A.Q page
- Image gallery where you can upload your pics, or even cute girls pics :)
- More features to come

and here is to spice things up, lol.

I wish i have toilet like that :p i took em from here

Cheers mate!!

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