Sunday, 13 May 2007

Yua Aida - Mine

In this movie, Yua Aida is more like a model. She wears lots of sexy and beatiful clothes for posting pictures. So you will really be able to see her great figure, cause almost for the starting ten mintues you will only see her posting like a model. But when the sex scene came, you definitely won't be disappointed. Cause the wild, sexy and horny sides of Yua will all be inside this movie... ...

Yua Aida and the guy just started to have some warm-up styles, the guy start kissing Yua breast and his hand on the pussy. After that the guy easily tear away Yua's net stocking and he start licking the pussy, which Yua finds it enjoying.

After a few Styles, this is the best style compare to the fews infront. You will be able to hear the loud bang sound when Yua is moving up and down, her breast are shaking up and down beatifully. The sound she gave, seems she is in pain but enjoying the pain......

Yua use her hand to massage the male actor dick. Feeling that is not enough, Yua uses her mouth which is cover with ice-cream and start licking and sucking for him. Yua looks enjoying sucking for male and she begins to suck deeper and faster and faster with that sucking dick sound.

Finally the male actor can't stand it anymore and shot his cum all over Yua face and some into her mouth.

Yua and this male actor really had a tough and fantastic sex. From the first style to this last style, you can hear loud banging sound and yua's sexy and horny sound. You will see how enjoying and horny she is with that small little bikini that cover only half of her breast. I think this is the best fuck scene you will see in this movie or maybe is the best scene in all Yua's movies.

Yua serving two guys at the same time, one is serve by her pussy and the other one is serve by her mouth. Yua is really quite a experience av actress. Cause not every av actress can serve two guys at the same time and the dick can still be in her mouth without slipping out for the whole process. A great test for her.

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finish download extrack
and i want to watch it, but the file is RM
i play with window media player clasic and VCL = don't work