Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Today's Changelog and announcement

Hellow guys, what been up for ya?

As you can see, i put up a nice banner up there, at least now the blog is a lil pleasing to the eye, haha. The banner's image is provided by my old friend in Indonesia, Minggus. Thanks alot to him. I'm just setting up the frames, some effects and the title on the image.

Removal of any sort of advertisement from the blog has been conducted. They didn't do much for me, and they do use up your bandwidth. So, yea, might be still a very long time until i will put any more ads. So i'm hoping you will have faster loading speed of the blog and will not be annoyed of such misclicking on the ads.

I am actually very happy with some of the blog visitor who gives feedback, and even more, help me to upload files, such as dev. I'm hoping there will be more users who gives feedback. I dont really care what kind of feedback you gave me, as long as it is relevant to my site. We have a nice shoutbox in here, use it :) dont let me monopolize the shoutbox. Post something. Let me know what you are thinking. I do encourage that kind of action. I update my blog almost everyday, and i will repond to any of your question/comment whenever i'm online. So drop me a line or two.

And now, time for some good news. In near future, I will give out several FREE rapidshare premium account for users who do a survey for me. I will set up the survey later. The ETA is not yet to be released, so just keep on checking. I will post it on here if the time comes. I am still working on the form of the survey and how will you do it. But basically it will about your opinion on the website.

Alright, thats pretty much cover everything i want to tell ya. Hope you all the best. Thanks.

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